Join the Chronicle Book Club! December selection: ‘People Love Dead Jews’
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Join the Chronicle Book Club! December selection: ‘People Love Dead Jews’

This collection of expertly crafted essays explores the stories people create to make themselves feel better about the consequences of antisemitism.

Note: This story has been edited to reflect in a time change for the meeting, which is now scheduled for noon rather than 1 p.m.

The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle invites you to join the Chronicle Book Club’s Dec. 19 meeting, when we will be discussing “People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present” by Dara Horn. From the author’s website: “Reflecting on subjects as far-flung as the international veneration of Anne Frank, the blockbuster traveling exhibition called ​‘Auschwitz,’ the Jewish history of the Chinese city of Harbin, and the little known ​‘righteous Gentile’ Varian Fry, Dara Horn challenges us to confront the reasons why there might be so much fascination with Jewish deaths, as emblematic of the worst of evils the world has to offer, and so little respect for Jewish lives, as they continue to unfold in the present.”

Your Hosts
Toby Tabachnick, editor of the Chronicle
David Rullo, Chronicle staff writer

How It Works
We will meet on Zoom on Sunday, Dec. 19, at noon to discuss the book. As you read it, we invite you to share comments and join discussions in our Facebook group, Chronicle Connects: Jewish PGH. We invite you to join now if you are not already a member of the group.

What To Do
Buy: “People Love Dead Jews.” It is available at Barnes & Noble at the Waterfront, and from other online retailers.

Email: Contact us at, and write “Chronicle Book Club” in the subject line. We will send you a Zoom link for the meeting.

See you in December! PJC

Toby Tabachnick

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