Chronicle poll results: Primary election
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Chronicle poll results: Primary election

We asked our readers if they were pleased with the results of the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Are you pleased with the results of the Pennsylvania primary?” Of the 283 people who responded, 73% said no; 14% said yes; and 13% said they felt undecided or mixed. Comments were submitted by 127 people. A few follow.

The victory of Summer Lee is a tragedy for our community and for the Democratic Party. It is extreme leftist elected officials like her who drive many voters into the arms of the loathsome Donald Trump.

Summer Lee remaining our Democratic representative makes me think of having to vote Republican for the first time in my life. If Congress wasn’t so dysfunctional I would.

More people have to be educated about Summer Lee and the threat she represents to America and our community.

It is a disgrace that we are represented in Congress by a member of the antisemitic Squad!

Glad to see a victory for Summer Lee against her Republican billionaire-supported opponent Bhavini Patel, as well as a strong showing from the Uncommitted PA campaign with nearly 60,000 votes statewide and counting.

I am disappointed that we are stuck with such a virulently anti-Israel congresswoman now for who knows how long….

It’s a shame that Bhavini Patel couldn’t garner support from AIPAC and others to counter Summer Lee’s reelection bid. I believe that Patel’s moderate progressive stance on issues more closely aligns with the majority of voters in the 12th District.

I had only one wish, and it didn’t come true. We still have Summer Lee. So, though I am a Democrat who occasionally votes Republican, I will vote for the Republican in the general election for Congress.

Congresswoman Lee is too radical and anti-Israel and sides with those wanting Israel’s destruction. Her ignoring the Chronicle is an insult to many of the people she claims to represent. Shame on her.

It is very sad that Election Day was the first day of Passover. I truly believe that the outcome would’ve been different had more people been able to vote in person. Shame on our Pennsylvania elected officials for choosing election day to be on Passover, and not changing it when brought to their attention. And with a Jewish governor… shaking my head.

No politician pleases me in today’s messy world.

I will not vote for the Republican, but Summer Lee will not get my vote in November.

Summer Lee will never be a friend to the Jewish community. And now that she knows she can win elections without Jewish support, she has no reason to engage with us in any way.

One-issue voting is not in anyone’s best interest.

I am disappointed that Ms. Patel did not win. I feel like I will have no representation in the House of Representatives. PJC

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