Chronicle poll results: Conscription of Haredi Jews into IDF
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Chronicle poll results: Conscription of Haredi Jews into IDF

We asked our readers if they believe Haredi Jews should be conscripted into the IDF. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Do you believe that Haredi Jews should be conscripted into the Israel Defense Forces?” Of the 328 people who responded, 88% said yes; 6% said no; and 6% said they didn’t know. Comments were submitted by 89 people. A few follow.

I believe that they should be required to be drafted into the IDF, but as a middle-ground position, they would be allowed to assume supporting non-combatant roles such medics, chaplains, communication specialists or logistics/supply positions.

Their roles might need to be somewhat tailored to their being Haredi but they need to serve their country.

At the very least they should do some kind of national service.

Yes, I believe all Israelis need to serve. In the long-run, I believe it would be empowering to the
Haredi community and would strengthen the bond between Israelis.

Let’s leave these poor people alone and not put them in further danger.

I think some Jews should be given the option to study Torah full time. I think there should be a lot of encouragement for Haredi Jews to join the IDF.

Everyone who lives in Israel and benefits from the freedoms of the country should serve.

I don’t think anyone should be drafted. If put to the test, I think Israel would have enough

Times have changed. So should they.

Theoretically they should be conscripted, but not if it causes morale problems within the military. Is there something else that this group could do to protect the country? They do enjoy the benefits of Israeli citizenship and the world is not becoming a friendlier place.

I have heard that a number of Haredis have chosen to join the IDF. That’s a better solution.

There would be an extremely rare few young men whose Torah learning is so superlative that they would be the exception. When the future of our country is at stake, everyone needs to have that self-sacrifice. I am speaking as an Orthodox Jew.

How about if all Israelis are conscripted to fight and to spend time learning Torah. Then we are all contributing to the physical and the spiritual. And/or Jews from elsewhere could come to Israel for a year or two to learn in the place of each conscripted person, so we all contribute! Lone Soldiers and Lone Learners! PJC

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