We are proud of our work. We hope you are, too.
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We are proud of our work. We hope you are, too.

Our team is committed to serving you. We are committed to bringing you the stories you want, and need, to read.

The last few months have not been easy for our Pittsburgh Jewish community. They have not been easy for us at the Chronicle, either.

Last winter, our small but dedicated staff began strategizing our coverage of the trial of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter. The trial began in April with several weeks of jury selection and concluded the first week of August with a sentence of death for the perpetrator of the most violent antisemitic attack in U.S. history. Thanks to an innovative collaboration with the staff of the Pittsburgh Union Progress — the striking workers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — we were able to provide comprehensive daily coverage of the court proceedings and many related community stories. Often, we published two or three articles a day online. A full recap appeared in our printed paper each week.

Those were long days and long months. But our commitment to our readers never wavered. We knew it was essential to not only provide the news in real time, but to create a full record for future generations.

Then, just two months later, on Oct. 7, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, brutally slaughtered 1200 Israelis — mostly civilians — and abducted 240 others. As Israel launched its mission to rescue the hostages and put an end to the reign of barbarism, antisemitism surged across the world, including in Pittsburgh. Anti-Israel campus rallies, vandalism and vicious graffiti started popping up like Whac-A-Mole. Our Pennsylvania politicians took sides. Some have staunchly stood with the Jewish community, while others, unfathomably, have seemingly supported the terrorists. Again, the Chronicle is there, providing the coverage of the incidents and rhetoric that our readers need in order to keep themselves safe and vote responsibly.

For more than 60 years, the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle has shared our community’s accomplishments and innovations, challenges and disappointments. We have been a vital resource for news from around your neighborhood and from around the world. We have been with our readers as they celebrated and as they mourned.

We are proud of our work and we hope you are, too. If not for you, this newspaper could not continue to thrive.

The Chronicle connects us with our Jewish past — both personal and communal — by providing a record of our life cycle events and our institutions’ events. It is a reflection of our views and preferences on everything from religion to politics to the arts. It is a chronicle of where we have been, and why, and how.

Likewise, the Chronicle is a link to our Jewish future as generations to come will be able to peruse our own stories, challenges and celebrations online and in print archives.

Finally, the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle connects us to each other in the here and now. From calendars of programs that bring us together, to opinions representing our diverse array of thought, to news of individuals making a difference in the Jewish world and society at large, the Chronicle serves as a vital conduit to create and maintain community.

Through our weekly print edition, our expanded online coverage and our social media presence — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — we strive to meet you where you are.

The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle is consistently recognized regionally and nationally for the quality of our content. In 2023, the Chronicle received the Service to Journalism award from the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania for its 60 years of outstanding service to the community. It was nominated for 12 Golden Quill Awards and won four. It also won four Rockower awards from the American Jewish Press Association.

Our team is committed to serving you. We are committed to bringing you the stories you want, and need, to read. We are committed to finding new ways of keeping you informed, engaged and inspired.

Only through your generosity can we continue our mission. Please consider a donation to help us chronicle our community’s legacy for generations to come. PJC

Toby Tabachnick is the editor of the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle.

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