This Jewish grandmother is riding on the Trump train

This Jewish grandmother is riding on the Trump train

The popular dystopian series “The Hunger Games” contrasts the pampered, powdered denizens of the capital district of Panem against the hardscrabble, miserable lives of the inhabitants of the surrounding districts that the capital controls. It stands as an allegory of our current choices for president. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate capital insider, with rings of assistants who poll test her every rehearsed and guarded word. Donald Trump is the rough-at-the-edges outsider, whose speech is not well-oiled, fluid or nuanced. He identifies with the poor workers and strives to overthrow the corrupt, oppressive power of the capital.

Will we follow our British cousins who voted, via the Brexit referendum, to leave the European Union and throw off the shackles of stifling bursaries? Will we vote for Trump with high hopes of once again feeling pride in the America of exceptionalism? Trump alone is fighting for those ideals and to liberate America from the constraints of the unaccountable and disdainful federal bureaucrats. He wants to eliminate safe spaces and victim categories. When he says he wants to “make America great again,” he envisions “the shining city on the hill,” the return to our founding freedoms to worship as one pleases without government interference, to freely speak without being labeled as racist, misogynistic or xenophobic, and the return to a free press.

Trying to hold on to power, the entire Democratic Party, some Republican elites and our blatantly pro-Clinton press are against Trump. Academia and Hollywood attack machines are also out to get him.

Remarkably, in the third and last debate, Clinton did not deny she was behind the violence instigated at Trump rallies by Democratic thug operatives; she did not deny she was for open borders and amnesty; she did not deny she was for sanctuary cities that harbor criminals, known rapists, murderers and drug gangs, who prey without fear of deportation.

Clinton’s lamentable record proves she is unfit to serve as president of the United States. With Russia, it was she who pushed a “reset button,” and it was she, through machinations inside the Clinton Foundation, who implemented a series of sales that culminated with Russia owning 20 percent of all United States uranium production. Yet, she has the chutzpah to claim that Russia is interfering with our elections to assist Trump.

Her failures in the Middle East have proved deadly, leaving much of the region in ruins. Our precipitous withdrawal from Iraq left a power void in which ISIS was hatched and nurtured. She called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a “reformer” and stood silently by while President Obama repeatedly allowed Assad to cross his Syrian “line in the sand.” She helped implement the dangerous Iran nuclear deal. As secretary of state she refused multiple requests for additional security from the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, refusals that ultimately led to his death. She covertly aligned herself with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, overtly did so in Libya and helped overthrow the governments in both countries, leaving chaos in their wake. Her callousness in promoting the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is especially chilling: “We came, we saw, he died,” she gloated. This is the legacy of “leading from behind.”

Her avowed friendship with Israel is questionable. In an infamous telephone call, she berated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for almost an hour over the building of an extension to an apartment complex. She hasn’t objected to Obama’s recent decision not to recognize Jews born in Jerusalem as having been born in Israel. Nor has she fought back against the odious UNESCO votes that affirm Jews have no historical connection to the Temple Mount.

The entire world now knows that Clinton set up and maintained an illegal private server and email system as secretary of state. She destroyed and lied about evidence after having received a subpoena from Congress.

Clinton helped create and implement the Obamacare monstrosity. The program has resulted in lost jobs, failed insurance programs and exorbitant premiums with untenable deductibles for those not receiving subsidies. Even her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has called it a “crazy system.” Despite our prolonged period of low wages and unemployment, Clinton has vowed to raise taxes and close our remaining coal mines, thereby eliminating even more good-paying jobs.

Contrasted with these failures and wrong-headed policies, Trump offers an exciting and promising future. He is fighting for the fundamental compact between our government and its citizens: to protect them from harm both internal and external. That means defeating ISIS and all strains of radical Islamist terrorism. Trump will rebuild our military and enforce existing immigration laws. He will ban sanctuary cities and cut off federal funds to them. Trump will surround himself with a Cabinet and select Supreme Court justices who share these values.

Trump deems terror perpetrated in Israel equivalent to terror in the United States and elsewhere. He has pledged to recognize Israel’s capital as Jerusalem. In fact, Trump’s platform, combined with his dedication to defeating terror, presents the strongest pro-Israel candidate ever. How can Clinton, bought and paid for by “quid pro quo” Arab money, ever be as loyal to Israeli interests?

Donald Trump has a clear practical approach to improving our sagging economy which will create good-paying jobs and convert our dismal 1 percent GDP to 4 percent: He will cut corporate taxes to make American businesses more competitive; he will repeal and replace Obamacare; he will overturn all executive orders and bureaucratic edicts that stifle growth; he will grant a one-time tax break to corporations holding profits off-shore, thereby infusing our economy with billions of dollars that will create thousands of jobs; he will approve the Keystone Pipeline and invest in new infrastructure  improvements; and he will renegotiate trade deals that are hurting our workers.

Trump is fighting for a return to the goals of our Founding Fathers: a free and prosperous nation based on the Constitution and governed by a system of laws, many of which are based on those set down in our Torah. How could I not vote for him?

Lynne Kessler Lechter is a practicing attorney in Philadelphia at Lechter & Sasso, P.C., and serves on the President’s Council of the Republican Jewish Coalition.