Rebecca Hurowitz leaving Federation to work with Israeli branding nonprofit

Rebecca Hurowitz leaving Federation to work with Israeli branding nonprofit

Rebecca Hurowtiz (Photo provided by Rebecca Hurowtiz)
Rebecca Hurowtiz (Photo provided by Rebecca Hurowtiz)

Rebecca Hurowitz will be leaving the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, where she has worked in various capacities since 2010, to take a new position with Vibe Israel USA.

Since 2015, Hurowitz has served as the Federation’s associate director of campaign and missions.

Vibe Israel is an Israeli nonprofit founded about 10 years ago to promote the Jewish state in a positive light through branding strategies. It has recently expanded into the United States with Vibe Israel USA.

Hurowitz will begin working for Vibe Israel USA later this month, remaining in Pittsburgh and working remotely for the organization, which is headquartered in New Jersey. Her responsibilities will include fundraising, outreach and engagement with the Diaspora community.

“Vibe Israel’s mission is to change people’s perceptions of Israel through a combination of country branding techniques and the use of social media to target millennials,” Hurowitz said. “We are looking to change people’s perceptions of the country by showing people all the ways that Israel contributes to the world and is a beautiful country and a wonderful destination rather than be thought of as a war zone as it is often depicted in the U.S., particularly for people who have never been there before.”

Hurowitz, who has worked in the Jewish community for the last 15 years and has seen diminishing support for Israel among millennials, was attracted to Vibe Israel because it is tackling that challenge head on.

“I’m at the tail end of the generation that believes that you support Israel no matter what because it is Israel,” she said. “And what I am finding working with younger people, and millennials in particular, is that there is not that assumption that you support Israel. In fact, there is a lot of negativity around Israel, particularly on college campuses. This is very concerning for me for the future of Israel and Israel’s Diaspora relations.”

She is inspired by Vibe’s work because it is a “completely fresh approach to changing people’s perceptions,” she said. That approach includes bringing influencers to Israel and having them blog about it; representing Israel differently on social media; and “helping people understand all the ways Israel has contributed to the world through technology and through environmental efforts.”

Vibe aims to “enhance Israel advocacy, provide another viewpoint to people who are not as nuanced and not as deeply involved, to just explain to them all the ways that Israel has benefitted the world,” said Hurowitz. “My hope is that we can really have an impact on the way the next generation thinks about Israel.” pjc

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