Join the Chronicle Book Club! January selection: ‘The Lost Shtetl’
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Join the Chronicle Book Club! January selection: ‘The Lost Shtetl’

A novel about a Jewish village in the Polish forest that time forgot.

The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle invites you to join the Chronicle Book Club’s Jan. 30 meeting, when we will be discussing “The Lost Shtetl” by Max Gross, winner of the National Jewish Book Award for 2020 and the Jewish Fiction Award. The author will be joining us for part of the discussion.

From “What if there was a town that history missed? For decades, the tiny Jewish shtetl of Kreskol existed in happy isolation, virtually untouched and unchanged. Spared by the Holocaust and the Cold War, its residents enjoyed remarkable peace. It missed out on cars, and electricity, and the internet, and indoor plumbing. But when a marriage dispute spins out of control, the whole town comes crashing into the twenty-first century.”

Your Hosts
Toby Tabachnick, editor of the Chronicle
David Rullo, Chronicle staff writer

How It Works
We will meet on Zoom on Sunday, Jan. 30, at noon to discuss the book. As you read it, we invite you to share comments and join discussions in our Facebook group, Chronicle Connects: Jewish PGH. We invite you to join now if you are not already a member of the group.

What To Do
Buy: “The Lost Shtetl” It is available from online retailers.

Email: Contact us at, and write “Chronicle Book Club” in the subject line. We will send you a Zoom link for the meeting.

See you in next month! PJC

Toby Tabachnick

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