Chronicle poll results: Does the American media treat Israel fairly?
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Chronicle poll results: Does the American media treat Israel fairly?

We asked our readers if they think the American media treats Israel fairly. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Do you think that most of the American media treats Israel fairly?” Of the 316 people who responded, 80% said no; 13% said yes; and 7% said they weren’t sure. Comments were submitted by 80 people. A few follow.

I read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The New York Times and The Washington Post. They are all factual.

Fox News and The Wall Street Journal are the only options I use. The rest are a complete disappointment.

Most of the media have become mouthpieces for Hamas.

The media bias against Israel is nothing new. It’s just intensified with social media. The outcome, though, is that Israel is being required to wage a war in a way that no other country has ever been required to do.

I believe that every time the media shows a crying Palestinian child, they should also show the unseen videos of the violently murdered Israeli children. The uneducated American public really needs to see the full extent of what Hamas did.

American media are consistently biased in Israel’s favor and consistently biased against Palestinians’ just grievances.

CNN is very biased against Israel. Fox is much better when it comes to Israel.

To be well informed, which is critical in today’s world, people must listen to a variety of news sources ( typical national news on ABC, NBC, CBS; cable channels like Fox, Fox Business, Newsmax, CNN, MSNBC; The Wall Street Journal as well as The New York Times; both sides of the political divide on social media) to evaluate what is being said by various options — as well as what is not being reported. This will take valuable time but a couple of weeks of doing it all will astound and scare you.

Sure, some media treat Israel unfairly, but not most, at least in my experience. We Israel supporters play a stronger hand focusing on the (very real, legitimate) affirmative case to make, rather than playing the “victimhood” card of unfair media… even if it’s sometimes justified. PJC

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