Chronicle poll results: Have you put up a sukkah this year?
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Chronicle poll results: Have you put up a sukkah this year?

We asked our readers if they put up a sukkah this year. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Have you put up a sukkah this year?” Of the 199 people who responded, about a quarter (26%) said they did, and that they usually do; only three people (1.5%) said they put a sukkah up this year for the first time. Thirty-six percent said of respondents said they did not put up a sukkah, but enjoy going to another person’s or a synagogue’s sukkah. Five people (2.5%) said they usually put up a sukkah, but didn’t this year. Twenty people submitted comments. A few follow.

I love building a Sukkah. However, this year, time has just escaped us. You would think with the pandemic, we would have more time; I feel we have less.

Quality family time is dwelling in the sukkah. Whether eating a bountiful meal, chatting with friends, curling up to read a good book or playing fun board games, we hope everyone has an opportunity to enjoy time in the sukkah during this Sukkot. Chag Sameach!

Used to have a Sukkah every year when my kids were here.

With all the restaurant “booths” during the pandemic, sitting together in the sukkah has taken on a different meaning for us this year.

Unable to attend live services and visit the sukkah due to worry about leaving my ill wife!!

I used to be Jewish. I am alone. People have not invited me to anything for a number of years.

I have lived in different places which require making the tiniest sukkah with huge blessings to a big sukkah with space for a living room during the day.

I live in an apartment and there is no room for a sukkah.

I put up my sukkah and got the roof on it thanks to my two neighbors that are over 6 feet tall. I’m thinking of cutting a foot off the pipes to make all things easier for next year. That would make it only suitable for short people, under 6 feet tall, though. PJC

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