Chronicle poll results: Volunteering for Jewish organizations
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Chronicle poll results: Volunteering for Jewish organizations

We asked our readers if they volunteer for a Jewish organization. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Do you volunteer for a Jewish organization?” Of the 198 people who responded, 65% said yes and 35% said no. Comments were submitted by 54 people. A few follow.

The future of the Jewish nation depends on keeping our organizations well staffed.

I volunteered when I was younger. I’m over 80 now and happy that I can still take care of myself.

In the past I did. Don’t see the point any longer. Let the younger generation do some of the heavy lifting.

I’m retired and I volunteer at two Jewish organizations. Keeps me busy and connected to others.

I believe volunteer service to Jewish not-for-profit organizations in our community is an effective way to “give back” to our community and to support the advocacy and direct service efforts of those agencies. Always important, and never more so than in the current climate of rising antisemitism.

I’m on two committees at my synagogue.

We see now from the situation in Israel how much volunteerism makes a beautiful community. Volunteering can do more for the volunteer than even the recipient organization.

If our community and organizations wish to remain vibrant, then members, and those who see the actual importance of its continuity, need to become active and participatory. Roll up your sleeves, volunteer on a board, donate, participate in a useful way. The organizations need interaction from sweeping the floors and taking out garbage, to greeting people and running a board. There are house committees, cemeteries, fundraising, safety, tzedaka, social presence, neatening up, and a multiple of other items that require attention for operation. Help make it work, and keep us thriving.

I am a member and founder of a small synagogue in central Mexico, which has become the focus of my life here.

We’ve all needed help at some point and it is our duty to pay it forward. I am heavily involved with a Jewish organization that provided me with a lifeline 45 years ago when my young family needed it.

I only volunteer for organizations that recruit for volunteer help. So far, only the Jewish Federation has openly recruited. I would love to see some other organizations do so. I’m retired and I have the time to spend.

I get a lot of pleasure out of tutoring English to refugees through my synagogue.

Volunteering is important. And not only for Jewish organizations; it is also important to volunteer in other sorts of organizations. Can’t think of a time in my life I wasn’t volunteering — even while working full time and raising kids. And even assisting with individuals — not formally through an organization — is important. It is what we do.

I volunteer for multiple, worthy organizations in the Pittsburgh area. None currently happen to be Jewish. PJC

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