Chronicle poll results: State of the Union address
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Chronicle poll results: State of the Union address

We asked our readers if they agreed with President Biden's State of the Union address. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Did you agree with President Biden’s State of the Union address?” Of the 261 people who responded, 66% said “yes”; 24% said “no”; 9% said “partially”; and 1% had no opinion. Comments were submitted by 79 people. A few follow.

Yes, except that he mostly focused on conditions within the USA and he never mentioned Israel or the threats to its existence.

His report was a total misrepresentation of the state of the union. All is not good. Crime is on the rise. Inflation has not been turned around. Immigration is a disaster. Foreign affairs is a shambles. Divisiveness and extremism in Congress is destroying the country.

Of course a few statements were embellishments and others needed more context but as a whole what Biden said was correct and inspirational….particularly when compared to his predecessor and Sanders’ rebuttal.

MTG’s white fur is the antithesis of Pat Nixon’s “good Republican cloth coat.”

He was right on target and the Republicans were rude and unprofessional with their heckling and yelling out. The ones who did this should have been escorted out of the building.

Yes, if you like fairytale time from an old incompetent politician.

Best State of the Union address I’ve ever heard. I hope he has a chance to finish the plan.

He delivered a good message in my opinion. I really hope the Democrats and Republicans can come together for the good of America and all Americans.

It was all “fake news.”

I believe that the State of the Union speech represented one of the best speeches President Joe Biden ever gave. I liked his emphasis on “the job must be done” — and his highlighting that success is possible through collaboration and compromise. The Republicans embarrassed me with their verbal reactions to the speech; even young children understand the need to respect others, despite disagreeing with them.

Now the Republicans won’t dare diminish Social Security or Medicare.

While I “partially agree” with the SOTU speech, it did give me a small measure of hope. To see both sides rise in support of common goals, to recognize that the way forward is with dialogue and the need to work together. President Biden is kind. PJC

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