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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

President deserves support
I was surprised to read four anti-Trump letters to the editor in last week’s Chronicle and not one supporting the president. I would like to challenge some points in the letters and in Rabbi Gibson’s opinion piece (“Make America good again”).

Rabbi Gibson says that Joe Biden is a nice guy, but nice guy Biden was too nice to Iran, China, Cuba and Ukraine and not nice enough to Israel. Biden, with President Obama, released $1.7 billion to terrorist Iran getting nothing in return. He was so nice to China they awarded his son an advisory board seat on a private equity fund. We gave Ukraine a $1 billion loan guarantee and his son was awarded a lucrative gas company board seat. After the Ukrainian prosecutor general decided to investigate the deal, Biden got him fired and bragged about it.

Biden is the real racist. He picked his vice presidential running mate based on race and sex and promised to fill the next vacant Supreme Court seat based on race and sex, not on who is the best available candidate. This is classic open racism.

President Trump supports free choice in education, funded historically black colleges, passed a criminal reform bill and created jobs. He built a wall to prevent drugs from entering the country.

Trump closed out flights from China early, put priority on funding for a vaccine and on getting equipment in short supply. We are a large diverse country, so he appropriately turned closure responsibility to the governors of each state. It is complex to balance health and economic priorities. We are still in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. We do not know when a vaccine will be available so it’s too early to assign praise or blame.

Why am I voting for Trump? Because of his accomplishments as president, including: creating a thriving economy (prior to COVID-19); doing more toward real peace in the Middle East than any other president in the last 70 years; making the USA energy independent; challenging China for stealing our intellectual property and destroying our manufacturing; getting rid of unnecessary regulations; putting sanctions on Iran; building a wall to keep out drugs and terrorists; filling vacant court positions with constitutional judges; moving the American embassy to Jerusalem; and passing criminal justice reform.

I am four years older than Biden and recognize forgetting names and losing concentration. If Biden doesn’t have the mental acuity to handle the job, the responsibilities of the office fall to Kamala Harris who was chosen based on her race and gender, not on being the best person for the job. Not good for the country. Not what I want.

Sheldon Shapiro
Squirrel Hill

Both sides should be heard
Is there not anyone to defend President Trump? Your newspaper, usually well written by various capable writers, seems to me to lean to a certain point of view, with people of influence contributing to it with their opinions as the ultimate knowledge.

I do disagree with some of the letters to the editor, proclaiming all the qualities of Biden, insulting the presidency of Donald Trump, ignoring completely the historical facts in order to promote Biden, a puppet of the left Democratic party. Everyone is entitled to their own choices, however equitable space should be given to opposite remarks. And I did not relish the criticisms about the Orthodox as being monolithic. I am not here to discuss the pros and cons of politicians, enough of it is debated on TV if you dare to watch the opposite TV stations of your prejudices. I will say, however, that too many Jewish voters will contribute to the anti-Semitism already inherent in certain members of the Congress. Is this what you want? I don’t.

Solange Lebovitz
Squirrel Hill

White supremacists pose most serious threat to Jews
I am responding to Binyamin Rose’s column of Sept. 4 (“Many Orthodox Jews support President Trump. I’m one of them — here’s why”). He states that Orthodox Jews support Trump because they need to feel safe from urban civil disorder. He ignores the much more serious threat of white supremacist violence, which President Trump refuses to condemn in an unambiguous way. It wasn’t rioters and looters or far left extremists who chanted “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville in 2017, shot and killed 11 people at Tree of Life here in Pittsburgh in 2018, or shot shoppers at a Wal-Mart in El Paso in 2019. It was white supremacists. White supremacists recruit and radicalize people online, just as other terrorist organizations do. This radicalization includes indoctrination in anti-Semitism. It would be foolish to ignore the threat that these individuals and groups pose to us.
White supremacist terrorism is a more serious threat to the Jewish community and to America as a whole than urban rioting, left-wing secularism, or terrorism by other groups. We need a president who will unequivocally condemn white supremacy and all violent acts in the name of white supremacy.

Linda Newman
Squirrel Hill

Trump has made COVID-19 political
In his Sept. 4, 2020, columnist Binyamin Rose states that most Orthodox Jews view COVID-19 as a health issue and not a political one.

President Trump is the self-absorbed person who made it political when he claimed that people who wore masks don’t like him personally.

How did China come out with so few deaths compared to us when the virus started there? President Trump’s clueless management.

He doesn’t read, doesn’t listen, doesn’t credit science, and thinks he knows everything.

Erika Kreisman

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