Single Files: Cheryl loves to have a good time, but don’t get the wrong idea

Single Files: Cheryl loves to have a good time, but don’t get the wrong idea


Here is how I would like to start this column:

“For a good time, call Cheryl.”

But I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression.

Let’s try this: “Cheryl is an absolute pleasure to be around. And she is very funny.”

The day I contact her to see if she would like to be featured in “Single Files,” she tells me that she, coincidentally, cancelled her membership to that very morning.

“I have had about 11,000 hits on,” said the vivacious 55-year-old divorcee. “But the guys who want to meet me are either 25-year-olds who are looking for Mrs. Robinson — who want me to teach them about life — or 90-year-olds, who probably just want me to cook them dinner. Really? What can you do with a 90 year old?”

There are other online daters who want to meet Cheryl, but let’s just say they are not really what this refined and independent woman is looking for.

“There are the guys who are covered with tattoos and ride motorcycles,” she says. “They send me pictures of themselves holding guns and shooting deer. I say, ‘Really? What is it in my profile that makes you think that we’re a match?’ ”

So, Cheryl has sworn off online dating, but is still hoping to find an established, fun-loving man — in the appropriate age range — to enjoy what she calls, “the second part of our lives.”

Family is very important to Cheryl. She has three grown children and a dog she adores. She works as a sales representative and is very active in the Jewish community, participating at the leadership level in several organizations.

And she likes to have a good time.

“I’m not the type who can’t stay out past 11,” she said. “I love to go out. Call me at 5 and I’ll be ready to go at 5:30.”

She enjoys traveling and going to the theater, casinos, rock concerts and new restaurants.

“My problem is, when I meet people my age, they’re tired, and just want to stay home,” she said. “I guess I would stay home more, too, if I had someone to share an evening with.”

Cheryl keeps in shape, and walks several miles a day.

“I’m very active,” the Squirrel Hill native said.

And she most definitely likes to laugh.

“Humor is a huge part of my life,” she said. “I don’t need drama. I am a very happy person, and I am looking for someone with a good sense of humor.”

Following her divorce, she is all about second chances.

“This is my do-over,” said Cheryl, whose 25-year marriage ended five years ago. “And I think the second time around, you can re-invent yourself. Maybe this second part of my life, things can be even better than before.”

While some people see the allegorical cup as half empty, Cheryl said she sees it as three-quarters full.

“My mantra is, ‘Enjoy today as much as you can. Don’t worry about tomorrow until tomorrow.’ And that’s how I live my life.”

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