Chronicle poll results: Israel’s goal in war against Hamas
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Chronicle poll results: Israel’s goal in war against Hamas

We asked our readers what Israel's goal should be in its war with Hamas. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “What do you think should be Israel’s primary goal in this war with Hamas?” Of the 291 people who responded, 63% said, “Destroy Hamas as an effective organization like the U.S. and its allies attempted to do with Al-Qaida and ISIS, and then develop a political solution for temporary governance of Gaza by someone other than Israel”; 15% said, “Obtain the release of all the hostages and then achieve a ceasefire without any further conditions”; 13% said, “Destroy Hamas and then have Israel occupy Gaza for the foreseeable future”; 3% said, “Achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible without conditions”; 1% said, “Degrade the military capabilities of Hamas as has been done in previous flare-ups and then achieve a ceasefire without significant changes”; and 4% responded, “Other/no opinion.” Comments were submitted by 74 people. A few follow.

No ceasefire until the fire has been extinguished. Also, Israel should immediately annex a portion of Gaza. There must be consequences for the Hamas invasion.

I wish that Hamas would be obliterated; however, the hostages are top priority.

First victory. Then peace.

Two peoples insisting on hegemonic supremacy over one physical place, the one because of centuries of murderous antisemitism seeking a refuge, the other opposed, displaced and humiliated daily. Theocracies, whether Jewish or Islamic or Christian, must always lead to authoritarian methods to remain in power.

The only solution is truly accurate information, removal of old politicians on both sides, and allowing young people to create a new world.

The Palestinians deserve to live safe, peaceful lives — ones not controlled by Hamas. Israelis and Palestinians need to put aside their differences and celebrate their similarities.

Take Gaza back. The experiment from 2005 failed miserably and it’s been a bastion of terror-mongering by Hamas since.

Obtain, with the help of other nations, the release of all hostages; neutralize Hamas militarily but minimize civilian losses. Look ahead to a two-state solution, the only long-term viability, in my opinion.

Although I believe Hamas must be destroyed, I’m not convinced that a military incursion is the best way to do it. It will result in further carnage, and Israel has already been demoralized by the loss of life in the south. Adding many, many more military funerals would be a disaster. I believe we have to be more clever. If you ask the military for a solution, you will get a military solution. This is a challenge for think tanks and strategists.

I believe they should destroy Hamas and get their hostages back at the same time. Probably impossible, but I hope with all my heart they can accomplish this. It is impossible to be so close to an entity whose only goal is to destroy Israel. If they don’t eliminate that goal, then Oct 7 will be repeated again and often.

Arrange for a prisoner exchange. Hostages for an equal number of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Turn world opinion against Hamas — no matter what else it accomplishes.

The evil Hamas, Iran and its minions have put Israel and the Western world on notice that it aims to destroy them. To the extent that the IDF can spare innocent lives, they should. However, keep in mind that the Western Allies, in an attempt to eradicate Hitler, unfortunately caused much collateral damage. The media must every day tell the world what these evil despots have done to their own people. Why aren’t the Palestinian people screaming at Hamas to “let our people go?” PJC

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