Yeshiva Schools closed due to COVID-19
COVID-19Purim celebrations altered

Yeshiva Schools closed due to COVID-19

'Multiple families' affected by recent outbreak

Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh (Photo by Lauren Rosenblatt)
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh (Photo by Lauren Rosenblatt)

An outbreak of COVID-19 has temporarily shuttered Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh.

“It’s more than just a couple isolated cases,” said Rabbi Chezky Rosenfeld, director of development for Yeshiva Schools.

Cases among “multiple families” have been confirmed during the last couple weeks, he said, although he did not know precisely how many community members had tested positive for the virus.

The school shifted from in-person to virtual instruction on Mon., Feb. 22. No date has been set yet for resuming classes in person.

“The situation is fluid,” Rosenfeld said.

There have been positive cases among students, parents and staff, according to Rosenfeld, who noted that the recent outbreak was “mostly in the school community.”

“A lot of the elderly in the community have been vaccinated, at least to some extent,” he said.

By closing the school, the hope is to “make the virus die on the vine and keep it from spreading,” said Rosenfeld. He was unaware of any “serious cases” or hospitalizations arising from the current outbreak.

Purim celebrations planned by various local Chabad centers were altered or canceled. Outdoor, in-person megillah readings at Chabad of the South Hills were canceled, as were Shabbat services. A celebration planned by Chabad of Greenfield, “Purim in the Street,” was canceled and replaced by two backyard megillah readings, according to a Facebook post by Rabbi Yitzi and Miri Goldwasser of Chabad of Greenfield. PJC

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