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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Anti-Semitism on campus
Letter writer Linda Newman is correct that there have been some outrageous incidents perpetrated by white supremacists (“White supremacists pose most serious threat to Jews,” Sept. 18).

However she ignores the fact that today the “teaching” of left-wing anti-Semitism has become de rigueur at most American universities. This fact is described in ominous detail in Professor Cary Nelson’s “Israel Denial: Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism & The Faculty Campaign Against The Jewish State.”

This week, a convicted Palestinian terrorist, Leila Khaled, is celebrated as an invited speaker at San Francisco State University. An entire generation is being inculcated with left-wing anti-Semitism which is a real and growing threat to the continued existence of Jews in America.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida

Jewish Democrats brainwashed by media
So as not to be chastised for submitting this letter to the editor as a Florida resident, I was a Pittsburgh resident for 65 years and taught in the Squirrel Hill area for 30 years.

The hate and the anger spewed by Democrats published in the “Letters” in this Jewish community newspaper is a shanda. To Republicans, it is as repulsive as the anti-Semitism arising in our country. My fellow Republicans and Christian friends find it, as well as I, an enigma as to why Jewish people refuse to give our president positive recognition for his great — yes, great —deeds for Israel.

President Trump is the ONLY United States president to fulfill his promise of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Instead of accepting plaudits from Jews around our country, the majority of the Jewish population admonished him.

Most recently, when the UAE and Bahrain signed a peace treaty with Israel at the White House, again there were the words of “Now Israel is really in trouble from the other Arab states.”

In the Democrats’ eyes, when Jerry Nadler announced the night of the 2016 election that he would see that President Trump is impeached, Jews agreed? Why are some unable to recognize the misconstrued words from the New York Times, Washington Post and Atlantic Monthly… while considering them as the words from G-d Himself?

Lastly, as President Trump remarked, “What kind of animal would, at the graves of our military heroes, speak disparagingly of these brave men and women?” Democrats speak of our president’s lies. Try the lies of the person who reportedly quoted him as saying such a horrible phrase. And, the worst part is that the media and some Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of America believe it. Shame on them.

If you choose to vote for nice Joe Biden, are you prepared to have Kamala Harris as your president?

Barbara B. Berns
Palm City, Florida

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