Israelis file $1.2 billion suit against Al Jazeera

Israelis file $1.2 billion suit against Al Jazeera

JERUSALEM — A group of Israelis has filed a $1.2 billion lawsuit in U.S. federal court against the Al Jazeera news network.

Ninety-one Israeli plaintiffs, civilians who were injured during the monthlong 2006 Second Lebanon War or are relatives of victims, are charging in their suit that the Qatar-based network’s war coverage was designed to help Hezbollah. Al Jazeera has offices in New York.

The suit filed Monday in Manhattan Federal Court says that Al Jazeera, in violation of the Israeli military censorship rules, reported during live coverage the location of missile strikes on Israel, enabling Hezbollah to better aim ensuing missiles.

One plaintiff, a resident of Safed, was struck twice by missiles — on his house and on his car — on the first day of the conflict, Ynet reported.

Hezbollah fired about 4,000 rockets into Israel during the Second Lebanon War. One hundred and fifty nine Israelis and 1,200 people in Lebanon were killed.