Chronicle poll results: Streaming services
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Chronicle poll results: Streaming services

We asked our readers how many streaming services they subscribe to. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “How many streaming services do you subscribe to?” Of the 222 people who responded, 24% said zero; 35% said one or two; 33% said three to five; and 8% said more than five. Comments were submitted by 44 people. A few follow.

I’m not interested in spending the day and night glued to TV.

I wish I could have more for just one price. It’s so expensive.

I only have Hulu and Max due to a special promotion and will drop them once the promotion is over. I get Amazon Prime due to my Prime account. I’m Planning to drop Netflix later in the year. The cost of the streaming services are just as bad as the cable channels anymore.

Help! We’re hooked.

I don’t go “out” to movies and don’t have a subscription to things like the PNC Broadway Series or the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. This is my entertainment budget. I can watch on my own schedule.

Every good TV show is on a different streaming service. It’s annoying, so I don’t have any. I used to have Netflix during the pandemic but realized a year ago that I haven’t watched Netflix in over a year.

Originally, it was just Amazon Prime. Then I somehow by accident subscribed to Starz through Amazon Prime and just kept it. At some point, a relative shared Netflix and Disney+ on my TV for his children. I had to eventually subscribe to Netflix when they broke down on people sharing. But I’m not officially subscribed to Disney+. How is that for a confusing answer?

The choices I get from three streaming services is unlimited. Program content is excellent and without the commercial breaks.

What’s a streaming service?

While I like going to a movie theatre, I prefer watching movies and series from the comfort of my living room. The older I get, the cozier my home becomes to me.

We don’t subscribe to any (despite having an offer for a free subscription). On the rare times we actually watch anything we just get it from the library.

Gotta love those Black Friday deals! I’ll cancel when they’re not cheap anymore.

Though I personally only pay for one service, I share three others with family members living in separate households.

Raise your hand if you’re not even sure. PJC

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