Chronicle poll results: Social media for youth
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Chronicle poll results: Social media for youth

We asked our readers at what age should a person be allowed to join a social media platform. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “At what age should a person be allowed to join a social media platform?” Of the 134 people who responded, 43% said “18 or older”; 32% said “16 or older”; 10% said “13 or older”; 4% said “there should be no age restrictions on social media”; and 11% said they didn’t know. Comments were submitted by 30 people. A few follow.

It is a difficult question because social media is both useful and dangerous.

It depends on which platform and what their mental ability is!

Try to keep kids away for as long as possible.

In reality, I oppose social media. The internet gives a false image of people and their lives; it creates envy and insecurity within many users who believe that their lives lack this so-called perfection. Let’s communicate through face-to-face interactions — and let’s be honest with each other.

Social media is dangerous and should not exist!

The type or content of the social media platform should be a factor. Parents should have control of children’s access or place restrictions, especially if the child is under 18 years old.

I chose 18 because there have been too many incidents concerning bullying and mental abuse that have caused people to consider or actually commit suicide.

Social media is out of control. It’s taking away independent thought from children.

Parents should decide, not platforms or governments.

It depends a lot on the type of social media. Many of them are unnecessary and addictive. With the amount of lashon hara and inappropriate pictures on social media, it would probably be better if a lot of them were closed down, even for adults.

There needs to be an understanding of the rights and responsibilities when participating in social media. Things like being respectful of others and avoiding rumor perpetuation.

Teens do not have maturity to know how hurtful their posts can be to others. PJC

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