Chronicle poll results: Pennsylvania Senate race
PollOur readers share their views

Chronicle poll results: Pennsylvania Senate race

We asked our readers who they support in Pennsylvania's Senate race. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Who do you support in Pennsylvania’s Senate race?” Of the 432 people who responded, 77% said John Fetterman and 19% said Mehmet Oz. Two percent of those responding said they were not sure yet, and 2% said “other or no one.”

The Chronicle would like to remind its readers that this is not a scientific poll. Comments were submitted by 75 people. A few follow.

The debates really discouraged me from supporting Fetterman, but I don’t want to give control of the Senate to the Republicans. Then truly nothing will get done! I’m voting for the party, but really lack confidence about the candidate.

Had Mr. Fetterman done the responsible thing and stepped out of the race following his stroke, we might not be finding ourselves in such a quandary. Clearly, his problems go beyond “auditory processing.”

Oz is not a Pennsylvanian and has no idea what Pennsylvanians need or want.

I don’t like Oz, but he is the better of two poor candidates.

John Fetterman will be a fine senator once he fully recovers from his stroke in several months.

Even before John Fetterman had his stroke, I felt that he was too radical for Pennsylvania. While I am not “in love” with Dr. Oz, I believe he has a more sound and steady platform.

I believe that the stroke may have impaired Fetterman’s speech but it has not impacted his ability to think. Dr Oz does not have my best interests at heart; Fetterman does.

Oz is a Pennsylvania outsider and TV performer who changes his positions to suit what’s expedient. Currently he thinks MAGA fascism is expedient, and that should scare us.

Fetterman is in touch with the people, is thoughtful, has relevant experience, and is being unfairly maligned and bullied for a disability that affects speech not cognition.

Oz intends to go from quack physician to quack politician.

I support Fetterman and have donated many times to his senate campaign. He was a total disaster during last night’s debate. It was not just his stroke that caused his failing performance. He was unprepared, almost disinterested and clearly a terrible debater. He always was dysfunctional as a debater even before his stroke. What a mess it was last night. For those Democrats who have not voted I have to wonder if they will now vote for him. I probably would not have.

I don’t think Mr. Fetterman is healthy enough for The job. I think the Democrats are supporting him just to get the number to maintain majority in the Senate and don’t give a hoot about the needs of Pennsylvania.

Never again will I vote for a Republican.

It seems ridiculous that the two candidates are the best Pennsylvania can do.

I want a Democratic Senate. Given that it is likely Josh Shapiro will become governor, it will be easy for Fetterman to resign over health issues and have Shapiro appoint another Democrat to the seat.

I am absolutely against Dr. Oz as he represents positions and advocates on issues which I am against, and I believe run counter to my understanding of Jewish values and ethics. I have trouble supporting Fetterman even though he supports positions on issues which align with mine. But, I don’t believe he has a very deep understanding of these issues in today’s world. I am also suspicious of his health, mental and physical. I don’t know what I’m going to do to save this Senate from poisonous rancor .

Voted early by mail for John Fetterman. The debate would not have changed my mind.

There’s no way I’d vote for that snake-oil salesman, Oz. Fetterman ‘s stroke may have affected his auditory processing, but there’s no evidence his cognitive functioning has been impaired.

Two horrible choices. PJC

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