Chronicle poll results: Israel at 75
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Chronicle poll results: Israel at 75

We asked our readers how they felt about Israel on its 75th anniversary. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “How do you feel about Israel on its 75th anniversary?” Of the 247 people who responded, 49% said, “Glad, but concerned about everything that’s going on there”; 29% said, “Happy and proud”; 21% said, “Very worried about where it’s going”; and 1% said they didn’t care or had another opinion. Comments were submitted by 59 people. A few follow.

I am proud of Israel’s accomplishments to date and of all the Israelis fighting to preserve its democracy, but very worried about the current government.

The future of Israel is in jeopardy as long as Netanyahu desperately holds on to power.

If its creation in 1948 was a long-overdue miracle, then Israel’s continued survival against and among even worse and more numerous forces of evil and hatred may constitute an even bigger miracle. That the land of milk and honey has thrived against all odds can only be attributed to Jewish “zechel” and the indomitable influence of Hashem!

The possibilities of peace or a two-state solution seem more remote than ever.

Shame, fury, for Israel’s political treatment of Palestinians and Arabs.

I am fearful for its continued existence.

My concerns are about the dramatic polarization between Jew and Jew. That has never been good for us in all of our history. We need to be able to disagree without demonizing one another. That’s the best way to be a family — and we are all family.

The Zionist revolution was one of the greatest events of the 20th century. Zionism is, to me, the most beautiful word in the English language. Fundamental problems are being addressed now. Of course it’s concerning. But Israel is a miracle, a refuge, and it’s a great country.

Israel and I are the same age, and the roads ahead of us are rocky ones. I pray that we both find a way to navigate through the uncertainties and problems — real and potential ones — that face us. My life is a finite one; I hope that Israel exists for centuries to come.

Democracy in Israel is alive and well — just look at those protests! You don’t always “win” in a protest, but the mere existence of them tells me that things are going well.

Israel, you are both 3000 years old and 75 years young. Your ongoing existence is miraculous and not to be taken for granted. You are the greatest story of an indigenous people returning to their ancestral homeland to reclaim their independence. May you continue to serve as a pillar of peace and hope in the region and may you continue to be a source of pride to your nation. PJC

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