Chronicle poll results: Encampment at Schenley Plaza

Chronicle poll results: Encampment at Schenley Plaza

We asked our readers if they think the City of Pittsburgh should have allowed the anti-Israel encampment at Schenley Plaza. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Do you think the City of Pittsburgh should have allowed the anti- Israel encampment at Schenley Plaza?” Of the 383 people who responded, 69% said no; 24% said yes; and 7% said they weren’t sure. Comments were submitted by 100 people. A few follow.

They shouldn’t be allowed to camp. But they are otherwise entitled to protest provided that they comply with the rules of the space — no matter how misguided their cause.

There are appropriate ways to voice concern. Creating a toxic atmosphere that removes the ability to peacefully debate actual facts is simply un-American and not in the spirit of Pittsburgh.

They have a right to protest regardless of whether I (we) liked the message. It’s a public space. If they abuse the right, then they should be kicked out.

Freedom of speech should not include terrorizing another religious group.

As long as these things are calling for the elimination of the Jewish state (aka genocide) and are hostile to Jewish people, they should be banned.

To exercise freedom of speech is one thing but what these people are doing goes beyond that basic right. They are asking and supporting the murdering of Jews and the destruction of the state of Israel. So, no. Such protesters should not be allowed.

These are lawless antisemitic mobs.

Yes, but they should have been required to get the appropriate permit like anybody else.

The students are so uninformed. It’s terrible. But we do a terrible job educating them as well.

Stating that they support a Palestinian state, or want a cease-fre is not antisemitic. In the U.S. free speech is allowed. Also, the city of Pittsburgh resolved the issue quietly, and by negotiation. Kudos to us.

These demonstrations are being orchestrated by antisemitic instigators. There should be no place for this anywhere, let alone in the universities. We are appalled that these demonstrations are happening in our country!

The park belongs to all of us and anybody should be able to express an opinion in a polite and nonobstructive way. This was not that.

Any other group spouting hate speech (e.g., fascist white nationalist groups like the Patriot Front) would have been quickly dispersed had they attempted an illegal encampment. The same should have happened promptly with this antisemitic pro-terrorist pack of liars.

Free speech is the foundation of democracy!

Everything ended quietly and well. There was no violence. People protested peacefully. They have that right. The city handled it all very professionally.

Would they have permitted the KKK to have an encampment there? The Hamas supporters are just as vile as the KKK members.

While I realize that far too many people will cry out that it is their right to gather and protest, I truly believe that it incites more hatred, intolerance and violence. PJC


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