Chronicle poll results: Duration of Israel-Hamas war
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Chronicle poll results: Duration of Israel-Hamas war

We asked our readers how much longer they think the Israel-Hamas war will last. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “How much longer do you think the current Israel-Hamas war will last?” Of the 225 people who responded, 1% said, “It will end around Jan. 1”; 40% said, “It will continue for several more months”; 40% said, “It will continue much longer into 2024 and perhaps beyond”; and 19% said they didn’t know. Comments were submitted by 64 people. A few follow.

As long as it takes to defeat Hamas and the terrorists and rescue all of the hostages.

Every day is one day too long.

Iran wants this war. Hamas wants this war. Netanyahu wants this war and will continue it as long as possible so he can stay in power. The Jews and Palestinians are just puppets.

I think it will continue in different iterations over several months. I really worry about all the
displaced Israelis and their economy.

I hope it ends soon. I am worried about the hits Israel is taking in public opinion.

It will not end unless a miracle occurs — and I am not a believer in miracles.

From a perspective of the natural way of war, it could be many months. G-d could decide to make some supernatural miracles on the order of the splitting of the sea any time now, so all bets are off!

It depends on how you define war. Troops may be there a long time. The leadership of Hamas will be chased for years, and the IDF still has Hezbollah to deal with.

Unfortunately, I believe that until there is no more Hamas to fight with or negotiate with, this war will not end anytime soon.

I hope for long-lasting peace in the Middle East, however I’m worried that once Hamas is destroyed it will just be replaced by another terrorist organization sprung up from the Gazans who despise Israel for its ground offensive.

Israel cannot stop until Hamas is eradicated for the benefit of Israel, the Gazan Arabs and the world. And, Gaza cannot be handed to the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority who differ only in tactics not in goals.

It’s a war with no winners. PJC

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