A word to our readers
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A word to our readers

Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle will continue to tell our stories

Jim Busis, CEO and Publisher
Jim Busis, CEO and Publisher

For many of us here in the Pittsburgh Jewish community, it seems like we were just now emerging from the year of shock and mourning following the massacre at the Tree of Life building. Spring, as it were, was right around the corner. And now, in the space of just one week, the coronavirus pandemic descended upon us and upended all of our lives.

We know that most of us — but perhaps not all — will emerge unscathed from this. But we don’t know when, and we don’t know what the new “normal” will be. Just as the massacre at the Tree of Life building and subsequent terrorist attacks on other Jewish institutions and individuals around the world have changed our lives, and our Jewish lives, forever, this coronavirus pandemic may also inaugurate a new and unfamiliar daily routine even after it passes.

While we all go through this period of uncertainty and risk, the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle will be there with you, doing its best to keep you informed of what you need to know about what’s going on right here, in our community. There will be a deluge of general news about the country and the city, but only we are focused on the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and elsewhere.

Our staff is committed to keep up the flow of information in print and online, even if almost all staff members are working from home by phone and by email. Normally we are out and about the community, bumping into people at Jewish events or while shopping or strolling in a park. But not right now. So, we will be more dependent than ever on you, our readers. Please let us know what’s happening, what you’re feeling and experiencing, and what you think is news. Write to us at: newsdesk@pittsburghjewishchronicle.org or send us a letter to the editor for publication at letters@pittsburgh

In the meantime, be smart and minimize the risk to yourself and to those around you. Read the Chronicle, an approved activity! PJC

—Jim Busis, CEO and publisher of the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

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