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Tell us your stories

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What are you doing to boost your spirits, and those of others, during the coronavirus crisis? The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle wants to share your ideas and suggestions. Send a paragraph or two, along with a photo of you or your family, to Toby Tabachnick, editor, at: Be sure to include your name and neighborhood.
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Embrace the staycation
Here’s what I did today that made a huge difference: Get up a little earlier than the family. Take a quick shower, get dressed, put on a little makeup and have breakfast. THEN wake up the family. Otherwise, the day, the news, the to-dos will get ahead of you and you won’t eat breakfast until 1:30.

Photo by Ilana Schwarcz

We need all the help we can get to relax our overstressed brains. Turn down the lights, put some candles in the bathroom, add a delicious-smelling bubble bath, play relaxing music on your iPhone speaker and sip a glass of wine from your nicest goblet. Staycation!
Grab your favorite snacks and get in your car. Drive around with the windows open and your favorite tunes playing. Wave to all the bicyclists, strollers, joggers and dog walkers. Park at a lovely spot and call a good friend on your speakerphone. Come home and take a bath. Ahhhh. PJC
Ilana Schwarcz
Squirrel Hill
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