Support the Chronicle on Giving Tuesday
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Support the Chronicle on Giving Tuesday

You’re counting on us, and we’re counting on you.

Yes, it’s Giving Tuesday once again. You’re inundated requests for donations, like this one, but only this one is from the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle. Every day online and every week in print, we inform, we engage, and we connect our community. We touch more people in the Pittsburgh Jewish community, more often, than anyone else.

This year it really is more important than ever that you support our only source of news and information about Jewish Pittsburgh. We’re now in the second year of COVID-19, and we still are facing a significant decline in advertising due to the pandemic. Now more than ever we depend on your support.

You may take it for granted that Pittsburgh has a local Jewish news source, but you shouldn’t. The economic impact of COVID-19 has been devastating to the media, and local Jewish media throughout the country have been hit particularly hard. Several other cities have seen their local Jewish news cut back or end altogether, but we’re working hard to bring you more news and information than ever. The ongoing impact of the pandemic, the ongoing saga of antisemitism and 10/27, the triumphs and trials of people and organizations, and yes, celebrations and obituaries — we bring it all to you.

You’re counting on us, and we’re counting on you. Whether or not you’ve donated this year, please consider making a Giving Tuesday contribution to the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle, an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3). Every contribution makes a difference, and every contribution is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks in advance! PJC

Jim Busis, CEO & publisher
And the rest of our team: Toby, Adam, Dave, Kelly and Phil

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