Political motivation
Letter to the editor

Political motivation

I love how the knee-jerk reaction of the ignorant Jewish left is more gun control every time a mass killing takes place (“Needed: sensible firearm regulation,” Oct. 13). This is what happens when you have a political agenda. We have many laws that are not being enforced, and the answer is not trampling on someone’s rights so you can feel good. As Jews, we have been at the mercy of many tyrannical governments that have disarmed us and then persecuted us. The most recent are Bolsheviks and Nazis (both leftist ideologies). The left and ignorant among us would sooner disarm us and everyone else, as it makes it easier to implement their political agenda.

In America, our constitution limits the powers of the federal government and leaves most things to the “Several States” (Tenth Amendment). The right to keep and bear arms was not included for Americans to hunt, but to protect ourselves from the tyranny of government. Pennsylvania has strict laws that are meant to protect the public without trampling on the constitutional rights of its residents. If you are so quick to limit Second Amendment rights, the other rights in our constitution may also be limited.

Almost all of these incidents involve someone who is mentally ill or unstable. Our laws allow these people to purchase weapons under their current state, unhindered. These are the laws that need to be amended. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. Those advocating for more gun laws are being intellectually dishonest and politically motivated.

Berel Sholom Tzvi

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