Palestinian sought asylum in Turkish Embassy in Israel

Palestinian sought asylum in Turkish Embassy in Israel

A Palestinian from Ramallah, who barricaded himself inside the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv Tuesday night with two hostages, is now in Israeli custody following a seven-hour standoff.

An hour before he was handed over, Turkish officials said their embassy had the matter in hand

“Our embassy guards neutralized the individual as he tried to take the vice consul as hostage after shouting around for asylum,” the Turkish statement said, adding he was armed with a knife, a gasoline can and a gun that turned out to be a toy.

The Palestinian, identified by a Israeli Foreign Ministry as Nadim Injaz, allegedly threatened to “kill any Jews” who entered the embassy, according to Haaretz.

The Associated Press reported that Injaz was recently released from prison after serving time for an attack on the British Embassy four years ago, also to seek asylum.

Relations between Turkey and Israel have been strained since Israeli troops entered Gaza in late December 2008 as part of Operation Lead Cast. They were further tested in May when Israeli troops boarded a Turkish-owned boat attempting to enter Gazan waters in defiance of an Israeli blockade. Nine Turkish nationals were killed in the ensuing clash.