Marchers protest Mea Shearim’s gender separation

Marchers protest Mea Shearim’s gender separation

JERUSALEM — Protesters marched in Mea Shearim a day after Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that men and women cannot be segregated on its main street.

Carrying signs reading “Jerusalem is not Tehran” and “A woman does not need to hide herself,” the demonstrators marched Wednesday in the haredi Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem to protest gender separation on public streets of the city.

On Tuesday, the high court approved the march over Jerusalem police objections, but ordered the route altered so that the march did not end at the central Shabbat Square. The same day, barriers that have been used to separate the sexes in the neighborhood during the Sukkot holiday also were removed, according to reports.

Haaretz reported that the protesters were mostly Meretz Party supporters and university students.