Letters to the editor February 9

Letters to the editor February 9

Bible resolution hypocritical

I have to believe that members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly attempt to outdo each other for

outrageousness and the extent to which a thumb is jammed into the eye of the citizenry. Why else would the House, with so much weighty and legitimate business on its plate, have wasted one minute or one ounce of printer’s ink to proclaim 2012 “The Year of the Bible” as it did on Jan. 24?

Our “holy” House members note in their resolution that the Bible is “the word of God” and direct us as to “our national need to study and apply the teachings of the holy scriptures.” Apparently, any offense the resolution metes out to atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, and others is of no consequence to our state “leaders.” After all, what good is any state resident who does not revere the Bible?

As stunning as this blurring of the line between church and state is the fact that the resolution was adopted 193-0, not one sensible and thoughtful person choosing to challenge such a monstrosity. I am mystified and ashamed that Jewish members of the body who surely knew better voted to approve this sham.

I am a person of faith, one who attends worship services, and who often invokes and praises the name of God in thoughts and writing, but I find it chilling that a band of public officials in the most corrupt state government in the nation would have the audacity to wade into an issue that is none of its business and which is arguably a violation of the Constitution.

Hypocrisy is on display in the Pennsylvania State House … again. Common sense is dead.

Oren Spiegler

Upper St. Clair