Letters to the editor April 25

Letters to the editor April 25

Pride in our senators

Pennsylvanians should be proud that our senator, the Honorable Patrick Toomey, is one of the two leaders who brokered a bipartisan compromise that would expand background checks to include all online sales and unlicensed dealers at gun shows.  Sen. Toomey’s bill would also maintain recordkeeping provisions that law enforcement officials need in order to track guns used to commit crimes. Sens. Toomey and Casey have both stood up for Pennsylvania citizens by supporting commonsense gun legislation.  In a time of such partisan posturing, it is refreshing to see our elected representatives coming together to keep our communities safe.


Deborah Fidel

Squirrel Hill

(The author is executive director of the Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee and co-convener of the Pittsburgh Jewish Social Justice Roundtable.)