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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

What AIPAC stands for
Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.) criticized AIPAC for endorsing Congress members who support Israel but opposed certifying the 2020 election results (Letter to the Editor, May 13). Maybe someone should tell Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.) what the initials A-I-P-A-C do and don’t stand for. They stand for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, not the American Democratic Party Public Affairs Committee, and definitely not the American Everything Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.) Happens To Believe In Public Affairs Committee.

Someone should also remind Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.) that the surest way to lose democracy is to deny the right of any organization, such as AIPAC, to dare hold any opinion that in any way differs from Ambassador Dennis Jett (Ret.)’s.

Bruce Goldman

Hadassah has not abandoned its Pittsburgh members
I would like to correct the implication created by “Hadassah members disappointed by its departure from Pittsburgh” (online May 13; in print today, pg. 1), that Hadassah has abandoned its Pittsburgh members.

Our Pittsburgh chapters have always been and remain a vital component of Hadassah, represented on the Greater Detroit’s Region executive committee and board, and in Hadassah’s National Assembly. Pittsburgh became part of the Greater Detroit Region after a nationwide review of Hadassah’s membership structure suggested that the organization could be more effective and efficient if its chapters, while retaining their independence, were consolidated into 30 regions.

While some members of Pittsburgh’s Hadassah community are understandably disappointed by the reduction in the number of chapters in their community, our hope is that by consolidating the chapters under the umbrella of the Greater Detroit Region, Hadassah has made both Pittsburgh and the region stronger and better positioned to realize Hadassah’s mission.

I would also like to counter the suggestion that some Pittsburgh members have become less active because they no longer feel as connected to Israel as they once did. While I cannot speak for every Pittsburgh member, Hadassah remains steadfast in its support of Israel and of Zionism, both of which are pillars of the organization’s mission.

Mandy Garver
President, Hadassah Greater Detroit

When will the carnage stop?
When hatred and bigotry rear their ugly heads, we recognize anew that we must be ever-vigilant.

The Buffalo, New York supermarket massacre horror is the latest demonstration of so much that is wrong with our country (“Avowed antisemite and white supremacist kills 10 in Buffalo supermarket shooting,” online May 15; in print today pg. 9).
Another white man with a grievance and a weapon designed to mow down human beings in rapid succession becomes a notorious celebrity, he and his manifesto captivating the media and the interest of many Americans.

How does a young man of just 18 become so heavily indoctrinated with baseless hatred, rage and an “us versus them” mentality to enable him to senselessly slaughter innocent people going about their daily routines? How does one develop such a depraved indifference to human life? How has our society become so unhinged as to harbor such individuals?

We can look to the easy availability of lethal weapons; a rotted entertainment culture; political leaders who lie, promote division and encourage violence; and dishonest media outlets, prominently including social media, which promote crackpot conspiracy theories, including “replacement theory” — the sick belief that minorities and immigrants are being set up to replace white residents, destroying the country.

Our Jewish community surely recognizes how easily it could have been our members who were targeted and the Buffalo murderer indicated that his hatred for Jews would be acted upon at a later date. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a compassionate and honorable leader, provided assurances that the savage who mowed down predominantly Black shoppers and employees will be in a prison cell for the rest of his life.

There are no easy answers and many do not wish to undertake efforts that might serve to arrest the plague of gun violence which is unique to the United States. We can expect such carnage will continue indefinitely. God weeps.

Oren Spiegler
Peters Township

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