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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Community Day School pride
I want to thank the Chronicle for the excellent article that David Rullo wrote in honor of Community Day School’s 50th anniversary (“Community Day School marks golden jubilee,” Dec. 24). I had a real sense of pride reading what he so eloquently wrote. The Jewish community has a wonderful example of a cross-denominational school that offers such a quality Jewish and secular education.

Lois Weinstein
Boca Ratan, Florida

College students can benefit from diverse opinions on Israel
The article “Local college students face varying degrees of antisemitism on campus” (Dec. 24) narrates the firsthand experiences of five students on local campuses. An undergraduate education comes with the opportunity to broaden knowledge, encounter diversity of opinion and experience intellectual and personal growth. Elsewhere in that issue of the Chronicle are a news story describing this year’s rise in violence perpetrated by West Bank settlers against Palestinians and an editorial which details an increased perception of Israel as an apartheid state. Undergraduates can be expected to face questions about these realities. Labeling their discussion on campus as microaggressions, antisemitism, or plain denial are insufficient responses. Further, to describe all criticism of Israel universally as an expression of antisemitism is both simplistic and not adequately substantive. I hope that future stories describing college students can highlight how exposure to diverse opinions has brought intellectual growth, built bridges and forged alliances.

Jared W Magnani

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