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Who presents the greater threat to democracy?
In response to Mitchell Nyer’s June 14 letter “Good for the Jews?”: In case any readers haven’t noticed, antisemitism is at a level not seen since the 1930s. President Biden appears to be more concerned about not offending Hamas-sympathizing voters in Michigan than doing anything about antisemitism in the U.S.

Antisemitism in the U.S. today is largely driven by the confluence of the progressive doctrines of DEI, critical race theory, intersectionality and ethnic studies. Those doctrines divide the world into oppressors and the oppressed, and under those doctrines Jews are considered to be oppressors because they are white. (Even Black, Hispanic and Asian Jews are considered to be white.)

Rather than do something about these doctrines, the Biden administration is promoting them and wants everyone in the U.S. military to be indoctrinated in them. Whoever is making the decisions in the Biden administration apparently wants the U.S. military to be as antisemitic as Harvard or Columbia. Anyone who wants to block this progressive indoctrination from the military or the public schools should consider voting Republican — not just for president, but also for Congress and the state legislature.

Anyone who thinks that Trump presents a greater threat to democracy than Biden doesn’t understand the Russia hoax, which was an attempt by Justice Department employees to overturn an election; Biden’s misuse of the Justice Department for political purposes; and the Bragg indictment, which violates both the Fifth Amendment and the New York constitution.

Jim Silverman

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