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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Looking for more nuanced perspective
Returning to Pittsburgh after several decades away, I subscribed to the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle. I’ve enjoyed the rich and lively coverage of community activities. But I haven’t enjoyed the often narrow and one-sided perspective on political issues. The Chronicle’s coverage frequently seems to equate supporting Israel with supporting the Israeli government. But Netanyahu has been a poor steward of the state of Israel — indicated by the fact that only 15% of Israelis want him in that role (poll, Israeli Democracy Institute, January 2024).

I am thinking particularly about the Chronicle’s stance now, during the war on Gaza. Netanyahu’s incompetent governance led to a massive intelligence failure and allowed a devastating attack in Israel. Israel’s military response has failed to eliminate Hamas or recover the hostages and has led to unjustifiable civilian harm, with no plan for the future. In light of this, the Chronicle’s calls to unquestioningly support the Israeli government’s actions are not, I believe, helpful to either the state of Israel or the Jewish people.

I recognize the Chronicle’s commitment to the Pittsburgh Jewish community and to its idea of Jewish well-being. But I urge a more nuanced editorial approach that is less reflexively supportive of the Israeli government and more focused on Jewish values of peace, understanding and justice. Including more views could provide a valuable service in educating readers about important issues, connecting Jews with different beliefs and ultimately finding ways to live ideals of community in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Maya Fischhoff

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