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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

‘Horrific evil’ warrants the ultimate punishment
I grew up in Squirrel Hill and taught at the Western Penitentiary on the North Side when it was a maximum security prison with lots of murderers. I also volunteered in Maryland state prisons, so I’ve seen life on the inside.

Let’s be clear: Life in prison isn’t a horrible outcome for a murderer unless it’s isolation. Prison creates a society microcosm, and to suggest “life without parole” means a life of suffering and remorse is bogus. Free room and board, health care and entertainment. No, it’s not a country club, but prison life isn’t like it’s portrayed in movies.

The death penalty, not delayed justice, is clearly the only response to the evil and demonic action of the vile murderer responsible for the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. Put him in prison, and he’ll get a hero’s welcome by his ilk.

There’s little to no question of guilt. Let’s recognize that heinous or horrific evil warrants the most severe punishment: death.

Harvey Cohen
Naples, Florida

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