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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Standing in solidarity with Jewish Pittsburgh
I am writing to express my heartfelt and unwavering solidarity with the Jewish community during the federal trial of the man accused in the worst antisemitic attack in American history.

As an Indian American woman and a proud Hindu, I believe it is essential to stand together, across faiths and backgrounds, during times of hardship and pain. We are Pittsburghers, and it is through our shared experiences, both joyous and challenging, that we find strength and unity. In the face of hatred deeply rooted in antisemitism, it is crucial that we always come together to combat ignorance, prejudice and discrimination.

It is timely to recognize that May commemorated Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and served as a time to honor Jewish American Heritage Month. These concurrent observances highlight the rich resilience and history that thrives in our neighborhoods. I’ve listened to stories time and again poignantly describing the challenges of cultivating a new life and home, while holding dear and nurturing the faith, traditions and culture that bring purpose to our lives.

I was most recently reflecting on this during a trip to Harrisburg. I was honored to be invited to join Gov. Josh Shapiro and first lady Lori Shapiro at the Governor’s Residence to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage. Gov. Shapiro, the third Jewish governor in the history of Pennsylvania, serves as a leading exemplar of how our faith and culture can serve as a guiding force in our service to others. Thinking about these larger life questions, I reflect on my own faith. Hinduism teaches us the values of compassion, respect and the interconnectedness of all beings.

Living in a city as diverse as ours, I’ve come to honor the unique beauty of our collective faiths and ways of life. It’s this continuous thread that binds us in our shared humanity and we all have a responsibility to protect it.

Bhavini Patel

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