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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Summer Lee’s anti-Israel actions are no surprise
Last week’s front-page story about Summer Lee’s recently announced stance against Israel was informative but certainly not any surprise to this avid reader (a moderate Democrat who is extremely pro-Israel). Does anyone else feel about as non-nonplussed as I that this far too local liberal Democrat — “freshman” legislator with all of three months experience — joined up with the overly-woke Squad? Our closest democratic ally should be permitted to protect itself from its enemies as it chooses and not be denounced by a still-wet-behind-the-ears politician.

Rep. Lee’s anti-Jewish bent was almost as predictable as when Supreme Court Justices Cavanaugh and Coney Barrett (who claimed to be pro-stare decisis and supposedly open-minded about abortion rights in order to hoodwink the Senate Judiciary Committee) blatantly ignored precedent to undermine our rule of law, overrule the longstanding Roe v. Wade and abhorrently put the lives of innocent American women at risk.

Jeff Pollock, Esq.

When it comes to terrorism, skip the euphemisms
An April 8 news article in the Chronicle, from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (“Car ramming and shooting on Tel Aviv boardwalk kills 1 and wounds 4,” online), reported that “gunmen” murdered an Israeli mother and her two daughters in the Jordan Valley last week, and an “attacker” drove his car into a crowd on Tel Aviv’s boardwalk, murdering a tourist.

Why employ such euphemisms, instead of stating the fact that in both cases, the killer was a terrorist? These attacks obviously were not personal quarrels, robberies or road rage. In each case, a Palestinian Arab murdered innocent people because he believed they were Jews. If an antisemite who guns down a Jewish woman and her daughters at close range, or plows his car into a crowd of civilians in Tel Aviv, doesn’t deserve to be called a terrorist, then one must ask: Is there any act of violence by a Palestinian Arab that would result in our news media calling him a terrorist — and if so, what kind of act would that be?

Stephen M. Flatow
Long Branch, New Jersey

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