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Letters to the editor

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(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

Is ignorance bliss?
In the Chronicle’s 60th anniversary edition, the paper ran a piece informing the readership of the Democratic candidate for PA House District 34 — Abigail Salisbury (“Jewish candidate runs for Summer Lee’s vacant PA House seat,” Dec. 30). Although the article mentioned her opponent, a neighbor of mine from the 34th District, retired police officer (canine division) Robert Pagane (HopeFor34.com), it failed to inform us of any Pagane’s positions as it did for attorney Salisbury.

My perception as this being unfair is sadly consistent with current partisanship in many media, public health, educational and other previously trusted and perceived fair American institutions.

In fact, as I am witnessing in canvassing, most District 34 neighbors are completely unaware of this upcoming Feb. 7 special election!

Pagane’s positions are more nuanced than many typical GOP candidates. Pagane, an unassuming laid-back/good listener favors reducing excessive school tax burdens for seniors, freeing up more resources for good/fair policing and safer schools, fighting for parents’ voices and discussing the legalization of recreational cannabis, among his other ideas to prioritize listening to his constituents. However, local media is barely covering this special election. Is this intentional — to keep the public “in the dark” (“ignorance is bliss”)?

As Jews, we pride ourselves in our traditions for robust questioning of all sides of an issue — a process which has resulted in solutions and human progress! My hope is that we can return and engage in challenging public dialogues on pressing subjects — a formerly strong characteristic of being “American.”

Ira Glick

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