Letter to the editor May 14

Letter to the editor May 14

Where’s the recognition?

It was a special occasion to have almost a dozen Israeli runners take part in our Pittsburgh Marathon during the celebration that marked 20 years of having Karmiel/Misgav as our sister city (“Israelis, Pittsburghers to unite in upcoming marathon,” April 30).

The party at the JCC commemorated the event and our relationship on Sunday evening, May 3, with great fanfare. However, for some inexplicable reason, the colorful sign on Forbes Avenue outside the City-County Building that faces the courthouse to proudly list every one of Pittsburgh’s sister cities has one city conspicuously missing.

In spite of multiple requests to various government officials over the years, our Israeli counterpart is still absent from the prominent roster of names. Perhaps someone in our local government will read this letter and see fit to add Karmiel/Misgav before the silver anniversary party takes place.

Jeff Pollock

Squirrel Hill