Letter to the editor July 21

Letter to the editor July 21

Tribute to Elie Wiesel

The following poem was written in response to The Chronicle’s July 7 article, “A powerful voice for the finest of Jewish values,” on the death of Elie Wiesel:


for Elie Wiesel

He was witness.

Our witness.

This upright man,

skin branded with blue numbers,

blue numbers like my friend’s father


on his hairy forearm,

his sleeves always rolled up, daring

us to look.

Numbers faded to a soft blue

the color of an infant’s blanket.

Sometimes my friend’s father ran his fingers over them.

He was just her dad.

I was 13, had just celebrated my bat mitzvah,

one of the first group of girls allowed

this honor at my synagogue

Three years later I read “Night”

old enough to be shocked,

old enough to understand,

old enough to be told

never forget, never forget.

He was our witness,

our humanity.

Our collective memory housed

in a body, a brain unbeaten by


Remember …

Remember …


Valerie Bacharach

Point Breeze