Letter to the editor April 2

Letter to the editor April 2

Paper went too far

Once again, we are witnessing public attacks on the Israeli democratic process to satisfy people’s personal political agendas. Last week, Dan Simpson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, publicly called for the American-Israeli relation-ship to be severed. Simpson believes that “good behavior” will only be practiced by Israel if they see the negative consequences of their voting records.

In other words, let’s infantilize the Israelis by demanding they think, vote and act like we want. Most of the voters in Israel do not think exactly alike on the myriad issues facing the Jewish state in the 21st century — Jerusalem, settlements, the economy, education, Palestinian statehood and so many other critical questions are ultimately up to them and the democratic alliances they form to solve.

If Simpson would really like to have a legitimate opportunity to participate in Israel’s democracy, I’m sure the country would welcome his talents and concern.

Michael M. Milch