Hadassah Pittsburgh office closes
ConsolidationChapter becomes part of Central States Region

Hadassah Pittsburgh office closes

Hadassah’s Pittsburgh office on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill closed in December 2018, but the Pittsburgh chapter will continue local programming as usual, according to Barbara Scheinberg, immediate past president of Hadassah Pittsburgh.

The chapter, established here in 1917, is now under the auspices of the Central States Region, which includes Kentucky, Michigan (except for metro Detroit), Ohio, West Virginia and Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y.

“Hadassah is alive and well in Pittsburgh,” Scheinberg said. “We will continue to plan, execute and have our events. We are under a new system called ‘Hub,’ but we are alive and well.”

Pittsburgh Hadassah members will be invited to regionwide trainings and Midwest Area conferences, according to Lynn Furness, current president of the Central States Region. “We look forward to working with you to not only sustain Pittsburgh Hadassah’s exemplary history, but also to help it move into a bright future,” she wrote in an email.

Pittsburgh members are invited to attend the Midwest Area Leadership Retreat April 6-7 in Novi, Michigan, as well as the Central States Region Shabbaton September 13-15 in Beachwood, Ohio.

“Over the years Hadassah has changed its operations model to one of consolidation of areas,” said Furness. “Central States is in a consolidated area with four other regions. This means we
have access to staff in the Midwest Area office which gives the Hadassah Pittsburgh community resources for many matters previously handled locally.”

Furness is available to answer questions or concerns at lfurness@hadassah.org or 859-338-5970. Tribute cards and certificates can be obtained by contacting the staff at 847-205-1900 or midwest@hadassah.org.pjc

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