Federation continues to distribute emergency funds
COVID-19Allaying pandemic losses

Federation continues to distribute emergency funds

Additional $297,300 distributed locally and abroad

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. (Photo by Adam Reinherz)
The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. (Photo by Adam Reinherz)

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh made additional emergency funding distributions last week to its beneficiary agencies and overseas partners totaling $297,300. Funds were also distributed the prior week. The total for the two weeks is now $547,300.

The emergency funds are intended to help allay costs and losses associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

The most recent distributions included additional money for the Jewish Assistance Fund and Hebrew Free Loan for emergency cash grants and loans, respectively, to meet sharp increases in demand. The distributions also include funding for personnel protective equipment and sanitizing facilities as well as case workers and technology to facilitate communications and assistance to service recipients.

Along with the JAF and HFL, agencies funded in this new block of distributions include the Jewish Association on Aging, the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, Jewish Family and Community Services, Jewish Residential Services and Yeshiva Schools. Additional funding will be available for Community Day School and Hillel Academy once they determine emergency needs, according to Adam Hertzman, the Federation’s director of marketing.

Additional funds will be directed to the Federation’s overseas partners, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Total funding for the two weeks of distributions falls into the following categories: seniors ($143,200); vulnerable populations ($60,200); food insecurity, emergency funding and career assistance ($321,400); supporting children, teens and their families ($20,000).

“We are continuing to assess the needs for coronavirus relief as they come up and the board is trying to get money to where it is needed most and as quickly as possible,” said Hertzman. “Because of the money from the Community Campaign and other efforts, there are still hundreds of thousands of dollars available.” PJC

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