Chronicle poll results: Voting and Israel
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Chronicle poll results: Voting and Israel

We asked our readers how important the issue of Israel's security is to them when they go to the polls. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “When you vote, how important to you is the issue of Israel’s security?” Of the 257 people who responded, 63% said “Very important,” 19% said “Fairly important” and 13% said “Somewhat important.” Just 5% said it was “Not at all important.” Comments were submitted by 49 people. A few follow.

We need to focus on our own pressing issues first. Only then can we help others. Glass empty philosophy. Israel is quite self-sufficient.

I am dismayed by many Jewish liberals in this country. It is as though they have traded our history, and Hashem, for the Democratic left. I fear their ignorance.

If all other factors are equivalent, then Israel’s security determines the choice, but all other factors are never equal. Many issues are important, and voting is a balancing act among often- incompatible choices.

I fundamentally care about Israel’s security. I voted based on the situation in the U.S. and threats to democracy, abortion and our future as a country. I know that Biden and the Democratic party are committed to Israel’s security, so that is assured and did not influence my vote. I do not think Republicans like Mike Doyle, Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump care about Israel at all. They nominated Doug Mastriano, an antisemite, and support Q-Anon. Enough said.

Summer Lee is a disaster for Israel’s security. I’m astounded how many Jews and well-minded people voted for her — she was thoroughly endorsed by Israel-haters.

Israel is very important to me, but I vote my concerns for this country first. One is my homeland, but this is my home.

I support Israel with my votes as much as I can and should as a fervent Zionist and Democrat who values the role of our most crucial ally — but not so much as to be accused of dual or improper loyalties.

When I vote, it’s crucial to me that a candidate be pro-Israel. So it’s more than “very important”; it’s paramount.

People have different definitions of “Israel’s security.” Some on the far left don’t think it’s a worthy concern, losing sight of the fact that, despite her flaws, Israel remains the region’s only true democracy. Some on the far right take an “Israel right or wrong” approach and (falsely) equate any criticism of Israel’s government with antisemitism. Many of us are in the middle — supporting Israel and her government, but not unconditionally.

It is the No. 1 issue. Israel faces existential threats from many enemies. The millions of Jewish lives there are more important than any domestic issue.

This is not the only issue I consider when voting, but it’s one of the top three (the others being abortion rights and antisemitism). PJC

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