Chronicle poll results: U.S. support of Israel
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Chronicle poll results: U.S. support of Israel

We asked our readers if Israel is getting the right amount of U.S. support during its latest war with Hamas. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Is Israel getting the right amount of U.S. support during its latest war with Hamas?” Of the 220 people who responded, 49% said, “no, not enough support”; 32% said “yes”; 8% said “no, too much support;” and 11% said they weren’t sure. Comments were submitted by 43 people. A few follow.

If you are talking about dollars, perhaps. If you are talking about support from the media, and academia, no.

How could the USA possibly put a sufficient dollar figure on having the back of our greatest ally, the sole democracy in the pivotal Middle East region that shares our ethics and values.

As our strongest friend, no amount should be too much.

The Obama-Biden policy of Iran appeasement is a disaster and has resulted in trying to coerce Israel into a cease-fire, which would be a huge victory for the Hamas terrorists and its handler Iran.

Congressional dysfunction impedes our obligations to our ally, and U.N. dysfunction means no one else is going to help (they support terrorists and turn a blind eye to victims like Israel and Ukraine).

The Republicans need to make sure Israel gets the money it needs. Biden needs to appear sympathetic to noncombatant Palestinians being killed while not limiting the IDF in its efforts to eradicate Hamas.

The U.S. should put some conditions on this support — it is in Netanyahu’s personal interest to keep the war going as long as possible so he avoids being held accountable. Netanyahu is not a reliable partner to the U.S. (or to Israeli citizens).

Grateful for the support, but too many conditions limiting Israel’s ability to wage war.

In uncritically supporting Israel’s continuing attack on Gaza, the U.S. government is supporting a course of action that will destabilize the region and politically isolate Israel while almost certainly failing to eliminate Hamas. The U.S. government should demand that the Israeli government change course.

The U.S. should not be undercutting the tactics of Israel, which was subject to a horrendous sneak attack. The U.S. also needs to push back against attacks from Iran on its own forces and block financial flows to Iran.

Seems to be working. PJC

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