Chronicle poll results: Trips to Israel
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Chronicle poll results: Trips to Israel

We asked our readers if they have been to Israel. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Have you been to Israel?” Of the 325 people who responded, 29% said “once”; 28% said “2-4 times”; 11% said “5-10 times”; 8% said “more than 10 times”; and 24% said “no.” Comments were submitted by 67 people. A few follow.

My children have all gone, thankfully — just saving to take ourselves. We can’t wait to go.

Would like to go back, but unsure of the security situation.

Each time I take off from Ben Gurion Airport, I’m already missing Israel and can’t wait to return. My 2020 trip was canceled due to COVID and I hope to return soon. I am so comfortable there and it really feels like coming home.

My next visit will be a permanent one.

Everyone should see what a beautiful home we have.

The country dramatically changed in the 17 years between my two visits.

The first time, I felt welcomed by the people around me. The second time, a few years later, I was yelled at for stumbling over Hebrew, ignored by people unwilling to point a lost visitor in the right direction and generally treated rudely by ordinary Israelis in Yerushalayim. Seems like my home is here, not there

Magical and life-changing. I can’t wait to go back.

Not yet but definitely will in the next few years.

On our list.

Went with an organized trip among three congregations, later in life. It was a great visit and we also gained ourselves inter-congregational Pittsburgh friends.

A totally spiritual feeling while being there.

Birthright trips came about after I was too old for them. I am not in a financial situation that I can afford to pledge and pay Federation a large amount to travel with them. I wish there was a way for people on SSDI who have never been to Israel to be able to travel on a mission trip. It would be an amazing gift to Jews with disabilities to have someone start an endowed grant to do exactly this.

When I was there, I had a sense of belonging I’ve not experienced anywhere else! PJC

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