Chronicle poll results: Should Biden and Trump debate again?
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Chronicle poll results: Should Biden and Trump debate again?

We asked our readers if Biden and Trump should debate again before the election. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Do you think Joe Biden and Donald Trump should debate again before the election?” Of the 284 people who responded, 47% said no, 45% said yes, and 8% weren’t sure. Comments were submitted by 93 people. A few follow.

I think they should debate, but only if Donald Trump agrees to fact-checking.

There’s no need for another debate just as there was no need for the first. The majority of people have already decided how they will vote.

I think both of them should drop out of the race. Americans deserve better than either of these candidates.

I only saw small parts of the debate and it was clear that neither of these men should be running. One is a criminal and a pathological liar. The other did a good job during his first term, but is clearly too old to continue .

The people should hear/see the candidates instead of having to rely on biased media. If it were not for the first debate, people who rely on outlets that protect the current president would not be aware of his cognitive issues.

Another debate would not serve any purpose and will give Trump another opportunity to spout his nonsense rhetoric.

Biden should not be judged on 90 minutes. Woodrow Wilson’s wife basically ran the country for several years and all went well.

Joe Biden needs to redeem himself — or, better yet, drop out of the race.

They should have another debate, but they won’t because it benefits neither party. Trump is happy with the debate, so why repeat it? Biden can’t risk a second debate going like the first, so he will focus on TV interviews instead.

It never ceases to amaze me that the greatest country the world has ever seen can produce such buffoons as these two to potentially lead.

Biden needs another debate (even though the result will likely be similar to the first debate). Trump has nothing to gain by another debate. Our country has much to lose by another debate, when various nefarious world leaders will clearly see yet again how demented and weak our current president is. A very dangerous further revelation of the vulnerability of our country with Biden still in office.

Absolutely! The American people need to see the real situation. PJC

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