Chronicle poll results: Queen Elizabeth II
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Chronicle poll results: Queen Elizabeth II

We asked our readers how they felt about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “How do you feel about the death of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II?” Of the 225 people who responded, 55% said “I care and I’m sad”; 21% said “I care and I’m not sad”; 20% said “I don’t care”; and 4% said they weren’t sure. Comments were submitted by 52 people. A few follow.

Queen Elizabeth II exemplified a life of service and impact.

I think the British monarchy is a bastion of white privilege and domination of other cultures and colonization. I don’t see the purpose of it anymore. We fought a Revolutionary War against the tyranny of the king of England. It perpetuates a spoiled, entitled family that has no right to the riches that the citizens of Great Britain deserve.

The British are showing what respect and dignity look like as a unified people. We could learn something from them if we bothered to pay attention.

Her life, along with the institution of “royalty,” has no bearing on my life whatsoever.

I’m not sure Charles can fill her shoes, so that in sense I am sad.

She was the world’s grandmother and she reminded me of my own, who was also wise and loving.

I’m a history major so it’s of mild interest. There’s entirely too much fanfare. We have never given this recognition to people who have achieved truly noble or brilliant or courageous deeds. I’m not sure that longevity and “stiff upper lip” qualify.

She was a very stately ruler who in this crazy world seemed to be able to keep being above all the turmoil.

I think the media are going overboard with wall-to-wall coverage of every small repetitious detail.

Suddenly thrust into a role she was totally unprepared for, she became a shining example of what it is to be a true leader!

Queen Elizabeth II was a role model as a sovereign. She carried out her duties meticulously throughout her adult life and was loved by people the world over.

She lived a long life and seemed to be loved by her fellow countrymen. No reason to feel sad about that!

She should have visited Israel.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth marks the end of a historic era which has seen a great deal of change in the United Kingdom and across the globe. This event merits attention but for me it does not engender strong feelings of sadness or any other emotion.

Hereditary monarchies are obsolete; the idea that anyone should be a ruler based on their birth is ridiculous. We fought the Revolution to break away from monarchy. The English monarchy provides theater and diversion for their country — nothing else. PJC

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