Chronicle poll results: Primary election
PollOur readers share their views

Chronicle poll results: Primary election

We asked our readers if they voted in the May 16 primary election. Here's what they said.

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “Did you vote in the May 16 primary election?” Of the 255 people who responded, 91% said yes and 9% said no. Comments were submitted by 51 people. A few follow.

Everyone should vote in every election. They all matter. You owe it to yourself and your community to spend some time learning about the candidates so that you can vote.

It was difficult to find information about some of the candidates. I didn’t vote for those offices.

Did it by mail-in ballot. I thought it went smoothly and was handled well.

Local elections are also important. This election was critical and more people should have taken a greater interest and participated in the voting process.

I work the election polls and was disappointed, once again, in the low voter turnout.

I never miss an election. It’s not only my right; it’s my obligation as a citizen.

If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the results or aftermath.

My paternal grandmother, born in 1895 in New Kensington, never missed an election. She taught her son — my dad — the value of voting, and I passed that lesson onto my children. To keep democracy alive requires the participation of all people — and voting allows our voice to be heard.

Voting is a responsibility and a privilege.

I voted by mail and wish abundant information about the candidates was made available when the ballots were mailed, not just the week before the election.

I have not missed an election since I was away at college — over 40 years ago.

Not too pleased with the results on the democratic side. We need more centrist politicians.

We need to have more information available for local school board candidates.

My candidates are not winning. Concerned about inexperience and ineffective candidates. PJC

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